Wintering by Katherine May: A Review

Wintering: How I learned to flourish when life became frozen

by Katherine May


I count myself extremely blessed to have gained early access to a copy of Katherine May’s ‘Wintering.’ Not only is it a VERY beautiful book, I found reading it an incredibly healing experience. So relatable, honest and authentic and it resonated with me on a very deep level. I enjoyed the gorgeous prose, the poignancy of personal story regarding the author’s own periods of wintering as well as the interesting nature aspects. Having endured periods of ‘wintering’ myself, I feel this book has presented me with a fresh perspective and some new tools to take back in with me when it next returns. It’s left me feeling inspired and comforted in equal measure – and definitely less alone. I will be turning to this book again and again and I just know that almost anyone who reads ‘Wintering’ will find some comfort, healing and inspiration. 

Reading this actually made my Christmas!

Wintering is out 6th Feb – one month from today – look out for it everyone; it’s a life-changer.


Published by Jessica Ryn

Jessica Ryn is the author of 'The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside,' published May 2020 with HarperCollins imprint: HQ Stories. Her writing is represented by literary agent: Sarah Hornsley from The Bent Agency. Jessica is a creative writing MA student at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is a former midwife and resettlement worker for homeless adults. Jessica lives in Dover with her husband, two children and high-spirited springer spaniel.

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